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Minutes April 16, 2014

Opening:  The meeting was opened at approximately 6:30 by President Dave White.  The Pledge of Allegiance was given and everyone in the room introduced themselves.

Minutes:  Minutes of the July 15, 2015 were read without objection.

Finance:  Our bank account balance remains at $424.98


 Corps of Engineers:  Erick Petersen of the Corps apologized for not being present at the last meeting and for not having a representative here.  He said we had the lowest snow pack in 35 years and adjustments were made in the spring.  We had about 80% precipitation at Marion Forks from October through December and a storm in February, but very little thereafter.  He showed various charts showing the participation level of the past year and why the Lake didn't fill.  With the coming year, El Nino gives an equal chance of precipitation being above or below average.  The Corps needs to balance the risk of flood to lives and property, valued at a billion dollars a year, against the other factors involved.  He acknowledged that low snow pack models don't work well.  There is a WillametteBasinreview going on that may change the curve, but the result may be a more conservative curve.


Forest Service:  A grant has been awarded for $2.2 million  for the City and Forest Service, and there is also a possibility of an additional grant for the Detroit Flats.  Praise was given to the marinas and DLBRA for their activities this past summer.


Minto & Marion Forks Fish Hatchery:  Greg Grenbemer thanked the Forest Service regarding the outflow which contributed to a very successful year.  There were 460 unmarked fish to spawn above the dam. 


State Parks;  Bob Ray said that the State Park was full on weekends and dropped to 50% weekdays.  There will be improvements in the restrooms for ADA compliance, and improvement in electrical circuits. 


Salem Water:  There were no issues this year. They worked closely with the Corps to manage water quality. 


DLBRA:  Their meetings will now be held quarterly with committees working on projects.  The foundation for the Community Center is now in operation.


FLRCDL:  There are hot springs at Breitenbush that are in poor condition   There has been a visionary meeting about improving the site.




NOTE There will be a full eclipse of the sun on August 21, 2017, at 10 a.m.  It will last for two minutes and two seconds, and Detroit Lake will be a prime placate to witness it.

Minutes April 16, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Dave White at 6:30 p.m. As everyone had a copy of the minutes of the last meeting, April 17, 2013, the minutes were not read but were approved as published. Everyone in the room introduced themselves.


Finance Report:  U.S. Bank checking account balance was $642.71, $50 Paid for Non Profit status to the State of Oregon, and $10 to be paid to the Department of Justice for Charitable Activities.


Corp of Engineers:  Christine Johnson talked about the Water Management Curve.  There was some concern in this spring, but spring rains, and not snow pack, are the determining factor in keeping the lake full.  The lake will remain full from late May until mid July and be at least at 1546 through Labor Day.  She answered questions on superfill and discussed the Big Cliff boat ramp which has no funding for recreational use.  It could possibly be maintained if funds were available from other agencies.


The water level dropped below the level of the winter boat ramp in December and January as outflow was counting on expected rains which didn't happen.


Big Cliff Dam repairs have mostly been completed.


Regarding the Biological Opinion for water temperature and fish passage, they are trying to find a design that has the least impact on recreation, i.e. without draining the Lake.  It will be at least three years before construction begins.


Fish Hatchery:  Greg Grenbemer was not present.  He will give a report at the next meeting.


Marion County Sheriff's Office:  Shane Burnham reported on boat stops and citations, channel markers and endangered species inspections.


U.S. Forest Service:  Dani Pavoni reported that the campsite opening dates are posted on the website.  June 7 will be a free fishing day at Hoover Campground.  No license is required that day.  The event is directed toward kids.


The Fish Hatchery at Marion Forks is being converted for day use recreation


Last year the USFS office was open on Saturdays.  This year it will be closed all weekend.  It was suggested that it close Monday and Tuesdays, as less used days, and be open on weekends, more used days.


There is a search for funding to publish more brochures   Lake sweeping will begin the first week of May.  It is for areas that protect the Dam and costs $30,000 a year.  The status of floating porta-poties was discussed.  The estimated cost is $8,000 per head, but actually cost $8,500.


Dani outlined some of the good works the FLRCDL has accomplished including the website, 501-C3 status, the brochure, the low water boat ramp, support for agency grants, and the economic study for the value of the Lake for recreation.


A cantilever walk/bikeway over the river at the bridge was discussed.


Salem Water:  Chris Kowitz stated sample of the water are taken weekly and shares data with the Forest Service, especially if there is a danger to pets of people.


Road Investment Strategy:  Dani Pavoni reported that the Forest Service is working on a list of road to close or keep open due to buget cuts, Dani gave a power point presentation on the project.  Public comment is being solicited and citizens can circle roads they would like to keep maintained at http://go.usa.gov/KqGH.


The next meeting will be July 16, 2014.


The meeting was closed.




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