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MINUTES October 2007

October 17, 2007


Detroit Federal Lake Recreational Committee


Chaired by Dave White.  In attendance:  Dave White, Thomas Keiner, Rod Stewart, Bill Sanderson, Daine Loveberg, Larry Loveberg,  Don Angelechio, Jim Bradley, Pat Carty, Bryan Von Bargen, Dean/Linda O’Donald, Bob/Sandy Franz, Callie Linski, Dave Zahn, John Herbert, James Bowers, Bob Rea, Paul Matter, and Dani Pavoni.


6:30 p.m. PDT meeting called to order by President Dave White. Flag salute was followed by introduction of attendees. Minutes of previous meeting were passed out. Treasurer’s report was brief but the committee is solvent.


NOAA presentation has been delayed until legal approval is given because of a suit involving the Corps and Willamette River Keeper and a student group. Stephanie Birchfield expects to be able to appear here in April for her presentation. Bryan Von Bargen from the Corps reported on progress rebuilding the dam operations after the fire in the powerhouse. The lawsuit against the multiple agencies managing the water resources for the Willamette system prevents both the Corps and NOAA from discussing many plans. Bryan Von Bargen explained that the dams are multiple purpose, so the Corps is devoted to improving the science of balancing the needs of the competing users. The Corps thinks there will be increased legal mandates for reservoir management in the future and fewer decisions from the Corps. 


Dave White discussed the proposal by the Upper Willamette River Stakeholders Group for basin wide salmon and steelhead recovery. He emphasized the threats to fish recovery, and the need to deal with Willamette River temperature and pollution was discussed. Detroit water is used to mix and dilute Willamette waters, when it is theoretically possible to correct Willamette water quality by other methods and allow Detroit Lake to retain some of the water now being used for water quality issues and that may allow higher water levels at the end of the summer season at Detroit Lake.


Spawning gravel enhancement project has been worked on with the North Santiam Watershed Council as a partner. Some grant approvals have been given, and Liz Redon (Watershed Council Coordinator) is making progress.


Rod Stewart reported that the Forest Service (US) is making progress with the channel dredging project that would create a deeper navigation channel between Piety Island and the shore. The Forest Service provides the engineering, the Army Corps provides the permitting and the supervision, and the National Guard does the physical work.


Mongold side ramps will be extended 70 feet. Concrete will be used. The two inner ramps will be extended 100 feet.  The winter ramp will be 825 feet of new concrete. It appears the construction cannot be started this winter, and instead will be done next winter.


The third floating head (lavatory) has been delivered and will be installed in the Breitenbush arm. That will greatly increase the use of the camp areas in this area. City of Salem Public Works was the primary source for funding and support for this effort.


Bluegreen Algae is a new problem, and the extent of danger is known to generally be minimal. However, USFS is studying the situation. Some algae is toxic and most is not.

Paul Matter is a person of interest regarding algae conditions. More press type releases/TV need to be made after the warnings are lifted.


Piety Knob campsites have had more improvement, and there are now four lookout points on the trail from shore to the top of Piety, and they each have different views of the Lake and mountains. There are now more than 20 campsites on Piety. Oregon State Marine Board is looking at installing a mooring dock on Piety Island to allow boaters to reach the new trails and campgrounds.


Rod Stewart showed slides of Detroit Lake boat ramps last August 30 when the Lake was at 1548 feet elevation. Mongold side ramps were unusable. If the Lake remained full (1563.5’) all summer, the ramps would be usable. If the ramps were longer (and they are in the construction process) they also would be usable. It is noteworthy that when the Lake starts to drop, boaters become scared of the lower levels and take their boats, camps, and tourist dollars home for the season.


Next meeting will be 16 Jan 08, 6:30 p.m. at Detroit Ranger Station.


8:29 p.m. PDT President White adjourned the meeting.

Minutes of meeting of July, 2007


The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by President Dave White.


Introductions of those attending this evenings meeting, with a few new faces present.


Minutes of April 18, 2007, were read and accepted. The Treasurer’s report shows a balance of $737.33.


Bryan Von Bargen from the Corp of Engineers gave us an update on the fire at Detroit Dam. The fire was a major electrical fire melting everything in sight. They are doing a total dam cleanup and repair which should take another two to three months. Water going over the spill was the same amount that would be going through the turbines if they were on line.


The Corp is trying to keep the docks floating at both marinas until Labor Day. Detroit Reservoir has the largest percent of water stored in the Willamette basin at 93%. We are 5 to feet lower this year than last at this date due to a dry spring and not being able to surcharge the lake.


Dave asked the marina owners to post this information so that people will know the lake water levels and to help reduce rumors. The Corp will keep the marinas informed so that as we drop they will have time to rotate the docks. Bill Sanders from the Steel Head Fisheries commented that in previous years the lake level has been as high as 1563 until the second weekend of September. Bill inquired if the Corp could look at changing water levels and flows because


They are working with data from the 1950's.  A study with all issues from the fisheries, DEQ, ESA, water quality and quantity needs to be looked at.


Richard Krikava from Senator Smith’s office said he would help to see if other lakes or reservoirs have done updates.  The main objective being a common sense look at everything that is/has been effective.


Liz Reden from the Salem Watershed project reported: A study to see if adding gravel into the spawning areas down stream from Big Cliff Dam, would enhance spawning beds for salmon and steelhead and would be a method to allow increase spawning areas at lower water flow rates. The enhancement of gravel beds downstream from Big Cliff Damn funding is to be shared by Oregon Watershed Enhancement Committee, Oregon Governors Fund, The Army Corp of Engineers and matching funds for the study.  (Thanks to Liz and her team for all of their hard work!!)                  


Be sure to let your friends know about our new website: www.detroitlakeoregonrecreation.com/

(Thanks to Larry Marr for his work on this!)


Project updates:


1. Piety Island channel is still waiting for a permit from the Forest Service for dirt removal.  It appears we are on schedule for this project to be completes in FALL 2007 or early in 2008.  The Oregon National Guard will be doing the removal work as a training project.


2. Winter Boat Ramp and Enlargement of Mongold ramp is on schedule and could start in 2008 or 2009. Wayne Shuyler reported that they would be extending the mongold ramps. The two outer ramps will be extended 70 feet and the center ramps extended 100 feet. The winter ramp road from Mongold to the new ramp had to be changed to gravel to meet DEQ standards. The winter ramp will go to 1447 elevation and 20 feet wide. It will be V grooved concrete with parking on the west side of ramp.    


3. Another floating head is scheduled for the lake this year and is being funded by the city of Salem. It will be placed up the Breitenbush arm. The forest Service is also looking at placing an additional head up Kenny Creek arm next


4. Greg Shepard is going to take on the improvements on Detroit Flats with Dani Pavoni from the Forest Service in hopes of improving the walking trails and bird watching.


5. There is a new boat pump out station in place at Detroit Lake Marina.


6.  The subject of mooring buoys in the cove for overnight use came up. The Forest Service reported that it would be a good idea and they are looking into this project.


7. Pat Elden is putting together a meeting in fall 2007 for interested individuals to look into the service of a Water Taxi on the Lake.



Next meeting is to be held October 17, 2007 at 6:30pm at the Detroit Ranger Station.


Meeting adjourned. 


Minutes of meeting of April, 2007


Dave White called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM


Introductions of all present and pledge of allegiance was given.


Minutes of October 18, 2006 were approved as printed. Motion seconded by Pat Carty.


Election of board members was held and Rod Stewart and Larry Marr were re-elected to their Board positions.


Pat Elden reported that we a balance of $737.33 in our account with the city of Idanha.


COE Update was presented by Brian. Rain has been good. Water is up at good flow. Water late but Corp being challenged by Willamette Fisheries. They are being held to schedule. ODFW cannot request a water drop. But federal regulations can decrease water for fisheries. The surcharge will be good for high water and the fish in May. The Corp will put their biologist in the water to watch the reds making sure eggs get covered. They are projecting a full pool by May 1 and will work with us to maintain water thru Labor Day 2007.  Dave White suggested late full pool to maintain higher level to extend the season.


Rod Stewart reported the lake cleanup starting at full pool. The correction crew to assist with the clean up. The Forest Service has two new boats to work on the lake. Boat names are Eagle and Osprey. Dave White suggested the possibility of having the boats assist during any accident on the lake requiring transportation of injured. New boats will have VHF radios so they can communicate with fire and rescue.


Down stream gravel bed enhancement. Liz Redon of the water shed council along with Matt Raye said there are two proposals. One is sent for funding. The other one is political. A professor from Berkeley is doing a project similar to ours and will send us a copy of his report.


Web site update. Up and running .Larry is to maintain our web site and we are our own webmaster.


Piety Island channel project.  This is to improve the natural channel and will be 200 feet wide with sloping sides. The last 3 years we have had marker buoys marking the channel. We will have them in place again this year. Next fall with all permits submitted to the FS and COE the Oregon National Guard will deepen the channel to 1539feet.


Winter boat ramp. A letter was read from Wayne Shuyler of the Oregon State Marine Board. The board is in agreement on a modified location and layout. It will be under water and not visible during full pool. In addition, the two lanes of the existing ramp would be lengthened.  Costs should be lower than previous plan. If all goes well, we could have construction during

fall/winter draw down.


Floating head. A partnership with the city of Salem will allow a floating head to be placed up the Britenbush arm. A 4th head is proposed for Kinny creek. 


NFF Grant. Grant has expired and we will return 40% of the grant money. We will apply again when we have more projects.


New Projects. Need to think outside the box and bring ideas to the next meeting.


Next meeting is scheduled for July 18, 2007 at 6:30 PM at Detroit Ranger station.


Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM



Federal Lakes Recreation Committee Detroit Lake
P.O. Box 538
Detroit, OR. 97342