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About 20 members present

Election of Paul Carr to the open board seat.

Corps of Engineers Report via Tami Schroder:

Current Status of Detroit Lake: level is currently 1561 ft, which is about two feet below rule curve. The lake level reached rule curve on May 28 and June 6, but is not likely to go all the way back up again.  Releases at Big Cliff are currently about 1300 cfs.  Water managers would like to reduce flows to 1070 cfs, which are normal conservation flows for this time of year (starting July 16.)  Delay in reducing flows is due to concerns about potential damage to the turbines when generating at less than 5 MW (minimum 1300 cfs.) Currently, breakers are being replaced at Detroit Powerhouse, so flows are being held steady at this time.  Next week, they will experiment with reducing flows at Big Cliff.

Late Summer Forecast for Detroit Lake: There is a good probability that Detroit Lake will be at or above 1546 ft for Labor Day weekend.

Biological Opinion Update: This summer (and the last two summers), the Corps has been regulating temperatures in the river for salmon fish by mixing warm water released from the lake surface through the spillway gates with cold water released from the bottom of the lake through the turbines. A planning team is working on long-term solutions for temperature control and juvenile fish passage at Detroit Dam.  There is nothing to report yet on their progress.

Minto Fish Facility Construction: The Minto Fish Facility is currently under construction to improve adult fish passage and fish hatchery operations on the N. Santiam River.  To keep boaters out of the construction area, the OSMB closed the river from Niagara
Park to Packsaddle Park from January 2011 to May 2013. The construction should have no impact on Detroit Lake water levels.

Status of Big Cliff Dam Repairs: Funding has been identified to begin this year on the engineering and design for spillway gate repairs at Big Cliff Dam. Construction will begin in early summer 2012.  Repairs will be made one gate at a time.  We may not get all three gates repaired in 2012. Lake level restriction will continue at least through the summer of 2012. The boat ramp will remain closed, except for boats that can be carried to the water.

USFS Reports:  Some camping sites at the three Federal Camp Grounds around Detroit Lake can now be reserved, but just some sites. Most are still on a first come basis.

Restoration & Enhancement Design Study project:  Alex Misar & Lytton Reid gave a short talk on how the project is being developed up till now. A public information meeting is set for this Saturday 23 July 11, at 7 pm at Detroit City Hall, and another one later on 13 Aug 11, same time & place. Public comments and suggestions are wanted and encouraged at the July meeting to assist in making the design the best it can be for the area(s). The old designs from last years U of O students are being reviewed to see if some of those designs should be converted in this stage of the project study.   PLEASE TRY AND ATTEND.

This design project is being funded by the FLRCDL via a grant.

Piety Island Channel Enhancement project:  The Oregon Nation Guard met with the USFS and FLRCDL last month, and at this point it appears the work could be done this fall, "IF" funding is not cut prior to that being done. The Guard did a walk around the Detroit area and USFS compound to check locations and housing.

Increasing draft under the Marinas:  Kanes Marina reports a rough figure of 80,000 cubic yards of dirt would need to be moved to allow for a deeper and flat bottom to allow the docks to float with lower lake levels.

FLOATING  HEADS:  A new floating head is now in position off Piety Island .

McCoy Creek ATV/Snowmobile lower Parking lot: A State recreation grant has been approved for improvements to the Site. FLRCDL had sent a letter of support for this grant application.

Lake Debris: A "normal" year of debris collected off Detroit Lake by USFS.

City of Salem, Stacey Sunken reported that they noted some algae washed into the lake during some of the heavy snow melting, but that is did not need to be posted as it is NOT the blue green type algae that can require warning postings to boaters & swimmers.

Oregon Marine Board report by Wayne Shulyer:  The OMB has approved funding for repairs to the Cove Creek Camp Ground dock system. They are also looking into improving the boat launching site at Big Cliff, due to the lower lake level and the impact on the old launch system. FLRCDL also sent a letter of upport with that funding request via the USFS.

Wayne Shulyer also announced that the FLRCDL has been selected for a National award from the States Organization for Boating Access (SOBA). FLRCDL has been selected from all 50 states and some territories for this "Special Recognition Award" , which will be presented on Sept 28 in La Crosse, Wisconsin during their national conference. Only one award from this catagory is given to a group each year. We should all take pride in being part of the committee, as it takes all of us to make this group work and get things accomplished. I know I am humbled but also proud of us getting this award. A big thanks to Wayne Shulyer for taking the time and effort needed to complete the award nomination form. 

Next FLRCDL meeting will be 19 Oct 11 at 6:30 pm, Detroit Ranger Station.

Thanks for your interest,

Dave White

President, FLRCDL


MINUTES October 21 ,2009


Meeting was called to order by President White at 6:30 PM. Pledge allegiance was lead by Dave White. All present introduced themselves.


Previous minutes were read and approved.  Treasures report shows a balance of $626.25.


Project updates:


The Detroit Lake boating guide is printed and available. Good feed back. Contact Dave White if you need additional copies.

Winter boat ramp should be completed the middle of November 09 with the last 200’ added as dropping water levels allow access to install the remaining concrete sections. Toe of ramp should be at 1447’ elevation when work is completed.

Piety Channel enhancement project is awaiting approval and funding by the Oregon National Guard to do the work. Expect to hear something back in Jan 2001. Permits might need to be adjusted and or extended to coincide with the NG work schedule.


Gravel Bed enhancement project still on line. Still waiting for funding.


Corps report:


Dustin Bengston re-emphasized the priority for Detroit/Big Cliff dams being flood control, then hydro power and other uses to include recreation. The temperature control “fix” for water released from Detroit should be scheduled around 2018. Other projects under the Bi op are scheduled for the area.


Main presentation from NOAA National Marine Fisheries biologist Stephanie Burchfield:


 NOAA Stephanie Burchfield, a fish biologist representing NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service, gave a presentation on the Willamette Project Biological Opinion (Biop), which was released on July 11, 2008.  Stephanie described measures that the Corps of Engineers, Bonneville
Power Administration, and Bureau of Reclamation (the 3 "Action Agencies") must carry out to protect Upper Willamette River (UWR) Chinook salmon and winter steelhead, which are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. These species are affected by the continued operation of the 13-dam Willamette complex, maintenance of 42 miles of revetments, and operation of the hatchery system. NMFS concluded that the proposed action would cause jeopardy to these two species, and identified a Reasonable and Prudent Alternative (RPA) with
conservation measures to reduce adverse effects on these species. There are many measures, including minimum flow releases, fish passage, water quality improvements, installing screens at downstream diversions that use stored water contracts, habitat restoration, and research and
monitoring, and coordination. The proposed flows in the N. Santiam are the same as the Corps' target flows for the last 5 or so years. Studies of fish flow needs in the N. Santiam in the next few years will help determine what changes may be needed in reservoir operations, but until
then, NMFS doesn't expect that reservoir operations will be significantly changed from recent years. The Biop calls for a new adult fish collection facility to be built at Minto Dam by 2012. It also requires a temperature control tower at Detroit or operational methods to achieve more natural temperatures of release water by 2018, and downstream fish passage facilities by 2023. For further information, please contact Stephanie.burchfield@noaa.gov or by phone at 503-736-4720.


Next meeting scheduled for January 20, 2010 Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.





MINUTES July 15,2009


Federal Lakes Recreation Committee for Detroit Lake, July15, 09 meeting minutes.

Meeting was called to order by President Dave White on July 15, 2009 at 6:30 pm at the Detroit Ranger Station.

Introductions were made and the pledge of allegiance was given. Previous minutes and treasurer report were given by Pat Elden We have $681.96 in our account.


Dustin Bengtson from COE talked about moving the gravel from mouth of Sardine Creek down stream to enhance fish breeding. He said moving the gravel could be beneficial to the smolts.

Mongold's winter boat ramps' last 200 feet is ready to be installed and should be completed over the winter draw down.

Piety Island pass thru is in a balancing act between government agencies to get together proper permits. May need an extension for the permits. We are waiting a reply from the National Guard to see if they can do the work in their next 2 year budget cycle. They had been ready last year but the permits had not been completed.

The boating guide of the lake has been distributed around the area including the state park 

Jim Bradley asked if buoys could be placed along low water areas as it’s dangerous for boats. We will look into this.

Dustin Bengtson from the COE gave a report on the Detroit dams. Both generators are up and running at the big dam. Little big Cliff is not generating at this time as work is being done on it. The temperature control work is causing a loss of power to the BPA as spillways are ½ open generating ½ power. He said a fish mortality test is being done. In the spring rain pushed the water levels up over 1563' and the COE wants to stay there and not above as it caused damage to docks at the State Park. Bob Rea said a phone call ahead and they could have moved the dock without causing any damage. Dustin said the water levels are low due to the weather as June rainfall was only 80% and July 90%. Contract water for Oregon resources need 80 cfs down stream so the total cfs for July was only 1080 and at that rate the water level will be at 1546 level around August 27th. That will be difficult for the marinas and cause an economic impact on the city.

Dean O’Donnell asked why the COE can’t regulate the water better for a September 15th level of 1546, thus keeping the marinas open one week after Labor Day.  The COE said they stick to a strict water curve and a study to change that could more repercussions than benefits.

Katie from NOAA Fisheries said a federally mandated project called Bio Options is the one making the decisions on water flows. Federal reservoirs are for recreation, hydro power for BPA, Salem water flow, DEQ for water quality, and Stayton/Jefferson irrigation. Green Peter dam is being drawn down at a greater rate than Detroit dam. A meeting in two weeks will give us a better idea of the situation and the cfs’s will be discussed to slow the draw. Dustin’s office will let the marinas know of any changes. Any questions can be addressed to COE public affairs office to Kathy Johnson.

A public tour of the Detroit dam will take place on July 21st at 10 AM. Sign up sheet was available at the meeting.

Patty Milne from Marion County Commissioner’s office said she would also look into this and see if she could lend help. 

John Pugsley from Congressman Schrader’s office said to keep him in the loop

Dave Hallemeier from the Detroit Ranger district provided a presentation on Cyan bacteria, Blue-Green algae. The history of blooms in Detroit reservoir was discussed and pictures of the types of algae found in the reservoir shown. He discussed the health risks associated to the various types of algae. The different informational signs, notices and advisory signs were shown and discussed and explained.  He discussed the current year’s blooms and his finding’s with his sampling. A bloom started the week before Memorial weekend but diminished due to the cool weather and the spilling of the water over Detroit dam. Photos were shown of what a bloom looks like on Detroit and the characteristic that cause a bloom. Questions were answered regarding the reasons blooms occur. Presentation lasted approximately 25 minutes. 

Next meeting October 21, 2009, at 6:30 PM at the Detroit Ranger Office. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.


MINUTES April 15,2009

Federal Lakes Recreation Committee for Detroit Lake, April 15, 2009 meeting minutes.

Meeting called to order by President Dave White at 6:30 PM.


Minutes and treasures report were read by Pat Elden and approved as read.


Corps of Engineers Report: 160% snow pack,  where we should be for this time of year..The valley looks good for the summer. Power house is fully recovered from the fire. All units are up and running. Repairs at Big Cliff continue and will back on line in September. Complete report is attached. Paul Matters discussed rumors for draining the lake for 2 to 3 years. Rumors are not true. Work needs to be done by 2018, but there will be lots of discussion before hand.



Boaters guide Brochure: Chairman John Herbert gave an update on the brochure. Brochure will be printed on 14x17 paper with help from the marine board and lots of self help. Project will be bid out and we will see how many we can get for our $1,700.Patti Milne asked if we could put up donation boxes to help recover monies so we can increase number of copies we can have out there for the general public.


Oregon Marine Board: Glenn Dolphin gave a presentation on the Evasive Species threat to Detroit Lake. Quagga and Zebra mussels are coming from the Great Lakes by transported  boats. They damage docks, buoys, pipes, and dam structures. It will cost millions reduce and destroy these species. The marine board will be giving training classes to find and destroy theses species. Standing water is the first place to inspect your boat to make sure you don’t transport to another lake or river.


Gravel Bed Enhancement update: Liz Redon from NSWSC  reported the CORP and NSWSC have a program to remove gravel at Big Cliff to four sites done river at a cost of 6 million dollars.


Mongold Ramp Extensions: Bob Rea reported extensions are complete. Road down to winter ramp is completed. The last 200 feet of ramp will be completed this Fall when water drops to 1457ft level.


Piety Island Channel Status: Oregon National Guard has sent a request to Wash. DC. Grants have been requested for additional work on the island. Lake clean up project will start first two weeks of May.


Josh Weathers reported that floating rest room on the Breitenbush is ready to go. All Forest Service campgrounds are ready to open for the season. FS is  hiring a seasonal employee to help with evasive species cleanup. 


Bob Rea reported the tree clean up in the state park is complete. 140 log truck loads were hauled out of the park. 200 tons of slash were sent to Ferris Lumber Company for burning to generate enough electricity for 2,000 homes. Tree harvesting generated approx.$40,000 for the park


Jennifer O’leary announced Kids Free Fishing day at Hoover on June 6.


Larry Marr and Dannie Provonni were re-elected to the board of directors.


Next meeting will be held on July 15, 2009. We will discuss the green blue algae.


Meeting adjourned at 8:30 by President Dave White.

Federal Lakes Recreation Committee Detroit Lake
P.O. Box 538
Detroit, OR. 97342