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Minutes for October 15, 2008



Meeting called to order by President Dave White at 6:30 PM.


Minutes of July meeting were read and approved.


Project update on brochures was given by John Herbert. Have received a bid from graphic artist

for $800.00. We have a grant from Oregon Marine Board and a grant from Boat US. These funds will go towards the printing of the brochure. Estimate we will print 4,000 brochures for the first year. Any suggestions should be directed to John Herbert.


Gravel bed enhancement using some of the gravel washed into the river from several creeks is on track. The North Centime Water Shed Council is taking on this project.They have received a grant for this project.


Mangold boat ramp extension has been started by Emery and Sons. This project will allow operation of the ramps and marinas down to 1450feet water elevation. New winter ramps are also part of this project. Completion date of March 16, 2009.


Piety Island channel permits have finally been approved. Now the National Guard has to apply for funds as their permit expired.


Jason Grant gave a report on new fish habitats being placed in the lake. They are being placed close to the edges of the lake, but 30 to 40 feet below the surface. They will be anchored to the bottom of the lake. The habitat will be shown on the new brochures.


Stephanie Burchfield and Lance Kruzic, fish biologist representing NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service, gave a presentation on the Willamette Project Biological Opinion (Biop) which was released on July 11, 2008. Lance explained that the Upper Willamette River (UWR) Chinook salmon and winter steelhead are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, and are the species most affected by the continued operation of the 13-dam complex, maintance of 42 miles of revetments, and operation of the hatchery system. NMFS concluded that the proposed action would cause jeopardy to these two species, and identified a Reasonable and Prudent Alterative (RPA) with conservation measures to reduce effects on these species.  Lance described measures to reduce adverse effects of the spring Chinook and summer steelhead hatchery programs on wild fish.  Stephanie described measures related to flow management, fish passage, water quality, water contracts, habitat restoration, research and monitoring, and coordination. The proposed flows in the N. Santiam are the same as the Corps’ target flows for the last 5 or so years.  Studies of fish flow needs in the N. Santiam in the next few years will help determine what changes may be needed in reservoir operations, but until then, NMFS doesn’t expect that reservoir operations will be significantly changed from recent years.  The Biop calls for a new adult fish collection facility to be built at Minto Dam by 2012. It also requires a temperature control tower at Detroit or operational methods to achieve more natural temperatures of release water by 2018, and downstream fish passage facilities by 2023.

County Commissioner Patti Milne announced that she will hold town hall meetings in her area to see what is needed in the communities. Meetings will begin after the elections. Cities will be contacted to arrange the meetings.


Paul Matter commented on upcoming timber harvest in the state park.  The park has to be thinned in order for the younger trees to survive. This will allow more sun lite to the floor of the park


Next meeting scheduled for January has been canceled. Next scheduled meeting will be on April 15, 2009


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM


Minutes for July 16, 2008


Meeting called to order by President Dave White at 6:30pm.


Self Introductions were made by all those present.


Minutes of the previous meeting were read by Dave White.


Motion to accept the minutes as read and seconded.


Treasurers report was given by Dave White. The current account balance is $530.00.


Army Corp of Engineers update: Labor Day prediction for lake level 1550 to 1553 ft. Turbines offline 4-6 weeks – contractor is onsite for repairs. Foster Dam is having problems with managing water in dam. Major repairs will need to be done to gates. Brochure for boating guides to Detroit Lake at graphic artist for layout.



Gravel Bed Enhancement has funds available, project proceeding as scheduled.


Marine Board updates: Mongold boat ramp extensions and winter time boat ramp designs are complete. Project has been put out to bid.  8-9 bids have been received.  Contract with Emery & Sons will be awarded July 17, 2008.


Piety Island Channel Enhancement: Waiting for final Forest Service approval. Meeting with National Guard this week to discuss project and timetable.                   


US Forest Service update: Fish habitat caches in position for final placement. Group are at Brittenbush upper arm completed with new structure.  Piety Island trail enhancement project starting with four viewing areas. Twenty-two camp sites with fees starting this weekend. 


State Park update: “G” Ramp improvements extended ramp to 160ft. Thinning project in park area with Forest Service this winter going out to bid in Aug 2008.


Next FLRCDL meeting is schedule for October 15, 2008 at Detroit Ranger Station.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm


Minutes April 16, 2008


Meeting called to order by President Dave White at 6:30pm.


Self Introductions were made by all those present.


Minutes of the previous meeting were read by Jeanne White. Bob Franz made a motion to accept the minutes as read and seconded by John Herbert. Motion passed.


Treasurer’s report was given by Pat Elden. The current account balance is $614.00.


Dave introduced Erik Peterson of the Army Corp of Engineers. Erik explained the different groups and areas that his staff covers which is an area of 7000 miles. His job is to balance all the resources and provide an overview of the Willamette Valley projects. From 1938 the Willamette Valley project evolved to a total of 13 dams for flood damage control. Projects that were added later include Hydro Power and recreation. 729 megawatts power are produced from the Willamette Valley system and go into the Bonneville grid creating 86.3M in economic benefit.


Erik presented a chart depicting minimum flows on all dams in the Willamette Valley system for fish and water quality. Detroit Dam is one of the three largest reservoirs and maintains top priority from April to June for water draw down.


MaryKarin Scallion representing the Portland District ACOE said that 2007 the water shed from all the reservoirs were at 70% and 85% cfs in August. They used water from all the dams to maintain the flows and tributaries during the season. This year we are at 352% of average water content and long term forecast to maintain streams for NHA fisheries. The North Santiam Basin has a 400% water capacity from snow base.  Flow will be higher this summer and should keep the lake levels higher. Today we are at 71% full or 10 feet below the rule curve as is Green Peter dam. 1500 cfs are flowing out of Big Cliff. Prediction for the year is a full lake in September.


Greg Taylor from the fisheries department shared information of an endangered fish species study and how they are being managed. He spoke of fish habitat, water quality, use of hatcheries and water flow targets.


Dave White asked if we learned anything specific from the fire at Detroit dam by drawing water through the lower tubes. The answer from Gary was “yes” as a consequence of this rasing the water temperature the spawning rate was faster than normal. Paul Matter asked the question what are the long term surface water level this year and ground level next year? Scott from Detroit marina saying he monitors input of the water levels via computer. Gary Atchison asked the question based on the snow levels, what will the water level be this year?  Yes, a good year. We try not to go below for fish coming up stream and try not to go over. Heavy snow packs this year are different than in 1996 because the weather is staying cold so the pack will melt slow and sink in the ground to produce low water flows even into next year.

Larry Marr when the water level would reach 1548? Answer, about May 1st. Lake sweeping will begin the next week. 

Project updates, John Herbert is creating a 11x17 brochure and ways to get it to our web sight along with about 65 pictures of the area and 39 places to go when visiting our area. Dani Pavoni is helping him. This project is a grant funded by the Marine Board and John is working on the grant  The Forest service is putting in a new sewer system at Hoover camp ground and it will not be opened till around May 1st. Sites and a new dock for Piety Island are being worked on.Chinook Salmon habit restoration is also a project with the logs and stumps that are gathered from the lake sweeping and will be placed in areas up blow out arm and the north side of the lake where high banks will create habitat for young fish during low water. These rafts will not show in high water during the summer months. The Park is replacing G docks and extending it by 35 feet.

Dave White, Pat Elden, and Bob Rea were elected to another 2 year term. The next meeting is scheduled for July 16th at 6:30pm at the Detroit Ranger Station. 

Meeting adjourned 


Minutes prepared by Pat Elden


MINUTES January,2008

Meeting called to Order by President Dave White at 1830.

Self introductions were made by everyone present.

Minutes read from the previous meeting in October, 2007 were read.  Sandy Franz made a motion to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Dean O’Donnell the motion passed.


Treasurer’s report was made by Dave White.  There is $664.04 in the bank. Pat Eldon needs to be reimbursed the $50.00 she had paid to the Oregon State Dept of Justice to maintain our 501/C3 non-profit corporation.  Bob Franz made the motion to pay the bill, seconded by Linda O’Donnell, the motion passed.

Dave introduced Liz Redon from The North Santiam Watershed Council.  Liz spoke about how the Council works and what they hope to accomplish as a group.  The Council is made up of local volunteers from the watershed’s area which is in the Willamette Watershed.  This includes Mt. Jefferson to the City of Jefferson.  The City of Salem uses water from the Willamette along with many other diverse agencies.  The Council is made up of the general membership and from that group there is a steering committee.  The members represent different areas of the watershed.  The Council has a position open for someone who lives east of Detroit Dam and that will complete the Council with all areas represented. 

The Council does the planning and assessment for projects, such as the Down-stream Gravel Bed Enhancement, for spawning Salmon and Steelhead.  Other projects have been riparian restoration; the removal of culverts and replacing them with larger culverts or bridges; in the streams adding large wood and native plants for shade on the banks.  The Council will manage grants for individuals.  Dave said the down-stream gravel bed enhancement project was started when Matt Rea said he would like to get rid of the gravel from the 1996 flood that washed into Big Cliff reservoir; they would gain back the capacity for water storage.  The rock and gravel come from the North Santiam watershed so it could be moved within the system.  Projects take 2-5 years to get on the ground and the Watershed Council is moving forward with the gravel-bed enhancement plan.  Dan Hoynacki urged someone East of Detroit Dam to volunteer because there are projects that could be done in the upper canyon area. 

Dave introduced Wayne Schuler to update the ramp information and where the project is at at this time.  There are several agencies involved, it has been hard to get everything coordinated to extend the existing ramps at Mongold State Park; build a winter ramp; and the Piety Island channel.  The Forest Service had problems getting the permits which are closing in on$10,000.00 so far.  Other agencies became involved and the ramps need to be of impervious cement, and the roads cannot be asphalt so they will be gravel to the winter ramp.  They need to get a 404 permit yet. 

Dave ran off the current Snowtell reports for Detroit Lake and he explained how to read them.  He spoke of the Detroit Lake levels and told how the rain fills the lake and the snow melt maintains the level with the run off from the snowpack.  Dave will invite Bryan VonBargen and others from the Corp of Engineers to speak at the April 16th meeting on the Corps plans for this season water levels. 

Bob Rea from the Detroit Lake State Park said they will be replacing damaged docks at G ramp and extending them by 35’. 

Dave reported Rod Stewart retired from the Forest Service he was also a Federal Lakes Board Member.  Dani Pavoni of the Forest Service said she would accept Rod’s position.  Dave asked for a motion to elect Dani to the Board of Directors.  Don Angelechio made the motion to have Dani take Rods place on the Board of Directors, seconded by John Herbert, the motion passed. 

Dave said three Board positions are available in June.  They are Dave White, Pat Eldon and Bob Rea.

Dave mentioned the Gates Fire Dept. is building a new facility and asked if a letter of support could be sent from the Federal Lakes Board to be used for Grants.  The consensus was to send the signed letter. 

John Herbert said he had concerns for public safety and trouble spots or water hazards at different areas of the Lake.  He suggested using images from Google Earth at low pool and high pool.  Dave said Boat U.S. has grants available for projects like this for public safety.  Dave asked what the Marine Board and Marion County Marine Patrol thought about this suggestion.  Dan Hoynacki said the Govt. is remapping and he might be able to get some new maps and pictures of the lake.  There was a suggestion to put the maps in the floating heads.  The group also talked about liability factors. 

Dave said the next meeting will be April 16th at 6:30pm, at the Detroit Ranger Station.  The Corp of Engineers will be here. 

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes prepared by Jeanne White
Federal Lakes Recreation Committee Detroit Lake
P.O. Box 538
Detroit, OR. 97342