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Meeting called to order by President Dave White at 6:30 PM

Introductions of all in attendance.

The Restoration and enhancement group from University of Oregon was introduced. They will conduct a design studio and schematics of the santiam flats, Detroit Flats, and Piety Island.

A review of these projects will be available in the near future at the ranger station for all to see.

Minutes for July meeting were read, corrected, and approved. Checking account has $562.05 on deposit.


Winter Ramp Dedication.

Dedication was held on Saturday October 16th. The dedication was well attended. We are getting good reports on the use of the ramp

 Floating head replacement.

Unit has been delivered to the US Forest Service. It will be installed when water levels allow in the Spring.

 Gravel Bed Enhancement  North Santiam Water council is in charge of this project and is waiting for funding.

 Piety Island Channel.

 Needs to happen in October, but will be postponed until 2011as funding needs to be in for next year and permits will have to be reviewed.

 Boaters Guide                                                                                                            

 Supply should get us thru next Summer.

 Increasing draft under the marinas

 Marinas are working to determine where and how much to remove. They will have meetings with COE and USFS in the next 2-3 weeks. Will look at the possibility of tying in with Piety Island project


 Corp of Engineers

 A question about why the 2010 outflows from Big Cliff was 200-300 cfs above the minimum amount listed for in the Bio Op for mid July & August period. That helped lower the main lake level at Detroit during the past summer season. At the July FLRCDL meeting, the 200-300 cfs increase above the "normal" outflows was announced by the Corps as a way to avoid cavitation issues with the Big Cliff turbine blades when operating at a reduced lake level at Big Cliff.

 Dustin Bengtson from the COE commented that 200 to 300 cfs does not seem like much but we are always at the razor edge to keep the water level above 1546' till after Labor Day weekend at Detroit.  All dams are being looked at for safety issues. Water level at Big Cliff is at 1193 so it takes the water pressure off the spillways. Big Cliff repairs will all be completed by the Fall of 2011.

Dave White asked if those making water management decisions in mid July take into account the economic impact on the community of Detroit. Dustin reassured us that any water decisions always have the recreation and economic impact taken into consideration.


 Patty Milne, County Commissioner for Marion County reported on new locations for offices that had to relocate. The phone numbers did not change.

 Jim McGruder asked about the barge located above the city water intake on the Breitenbush. We were told it is a collection box for collecting juvenile fish and is called a screw trap.

 Next meeting scheduled for January 19th , depending on the weather.

 Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM


MINUTES July 21, 2010 MINUTES  


Meeting called to order by President Dave White at 6:30 PM


Introductions were given by all in attendance.


Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved as printed.


Treasures report: $515.51 on deposit




Gravel bed enhancement: No Change


Piety Island Channel: National Guard to hopefully start project in the Fall.


Floating Heads: Britenbush head was retired and a new one will replace it next year.


RAC Grant status$15,000 for Detroit Lake Restoration & Enhancement Design: Grant has  been approved, but not delivered. These monies will go for a design for the shore line enhancement at Piety Island and Detroit flats. Funding should be completed about October for the year 2011.


Boating Guide: We still have plenty available 


Winter Ramp: Dedication will be held this fall.




Both prescribed burns were successful.


The Forest Service will have free day use ad trail heads on August 14 & 15. All National Parks will have free access on September 25.


A new motor vehicle map is available. This map shows the roads that are open and those that are off limits. If there is a trail you have always used that is not on the map, come to the ranger station and they will take a look at it.




The PGE project from Boardman to Salem is to increase capacity including wind power. The project in our area will stay on the North side of the lake and from the town of Detroit the visibility will be minimal.




Dustin Bengtson discussed the ongoing work being done on the Big Cliff dam. Additional repairs will take 1 to 2 more years. (Subject to funding) The water level at Big Cliff is lower then normal to help keep pressure / loading off the spillways gates. The outflows from Big Cliff have been higher then the BIOP minimums of 1000 cfs allowed for this time of year, by about 300 cfs. This is due to cavitation issues on the generator turbine at the lower head pressures at 1000 cfs. Cavitation could damage to the turbines blades.  Allowing water to go over the spillway causes problems with higher water gasses and that can affect fish.


Dustin reminded us that the Willamette dam system is old and in need of repairs on all the dams, including Detroit reservoir. Some work will require lowering water levels.  Discussion continued on the possibility of dredging the marinas so a lower water level will allow them to open earlier and stay open longer.


The new winter boat ramp will provide access for boat launching during low winter water levels.




Greg Bengtson reported that so far 1000 salmon have come up the Santiam. After August 15th there will be no salmon fishing in the reservoir.


Katie Gauthier, field rep for Jeff Merkley announced there will be an end of summer town hall meeting in the area. Time and location to be announced later.


Next meeting October 20th at Detroit Ranger Station, at 6:30 PM


Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM


MINUTES April 21 , 2010 


Meeting called to order by President Dave White at 6:30 PM


Introductions were given by all in attendance.


Minutes were approved as printed.


Treasure report: $617.24 on hand


Report given by Dustin Bengtson from USACE. Average year for water storage. We will struggle


for early fill quota. Projecting 1558 ‘ pool for this year. Full pool is 1563'. Power call from BPA


was reason for drop in water in January. Labor day weekend levels will depend on rain in June


and thru the summer. Green Peter and Foster are not at full pool. Big Cliff pool will continue thru


the summer at 1193' as work continues on the spill gates.




Winter boat ramp project complete. 12 to14 boats using it daily.




Cost estimates running way over projected budget. Additional funding will be needed.




All permits are approved. Waiting for funding approval from National Guard. Looking for work


to proceed in the Fall.




Floating head at Piety Island location will be replaced with a new unit.




Guides have been well received. Should have enough printed for two more seasons.




Trail to the top of Piety island completed and new toilets installed at campground area.


Two prescribed burns scheduled for blow out area planned from April to June.


Free fishing day is June 12th.


Boat docks for Piety Island be developed by OMB.


PGE doing some planning for new power lines in our area some time in June.


Stumps from low water ramp have been saved and placed in other area for fish habitat.


Lake sweeping to be started in May. Debris seems to be light this year.




Economic information fair to be held at Detroit Ranger Station on May 3, 2010 from 5 to7 PM


Special FLRCDL board meeting in January applied for a $15,000 grant from UofO for a study


on erosion, wet life habitat, and recreation options.


North Santiam BiOp open house announcement. Meetings to be held on May 12 & May 17 in


Stayton and Mill City. Call Amy Echols for additional information and times




Motion was made and seconded to re-elect Dave White, Pat Elden, and Bob Rea to new terms on


the board of directors.


Main Speaker


Greg Brenbemer continued his presentation on the new Minto facilities. Construction will start


January 2011.


Meeting adjourned at 8:43 PM Next meeting July 21, 2010



MINUTES January, 2010



Meeting called to order at 6.32 P.M.by Chairman Dave White.


Treasurer’s report:  there has been no change from the October 2009 meeting the checking account has $626.25 remaining.


Chairman Dave White introduced himself and asked other patrons to do the same.


Meeting continued with information from Liz Redon giving a description of the North Santiam Watershed Council which is made up of volunteers from the areas in the watershed.  She explained the Gravel Bed Enhancement Down Stream and the four places that were chosen for the enhancement of the gravel, per site ranges from $90,000 to $1,000,000 for a project total of $6.8 million.  Cost estimate is higher than expected so implementation is not likely to be funded.  Liz will post the final report for the gravel enhancement on the Council’s website once it is available (www.nsantiamwatershed.org).  Liz also explained that the Watershed Council is working on other projects above the dam with partners including in-stream fish habitat restoration with the USFS and noxious weed control with Marion County Weed Control District.


Wayne Shuyler had information on the Piety Island Enhancements: The National Guard will do channel project and are waiting for the funds to be released possibly by this spring or fall.  All the permits are in place.  He spoke about placement of a floating dock for boats at the Island.  It maybe difficult to place because of the different water levels through out the boating season.  A new floating head will be in place to replace the old one.


Dave White said the new Boater’s Guide brochure was distributed in several places this summer and he received favorable comments from boaters who used them.  The # one comment, the boaters appreciated the brochure was free.  Dave said he thought there were enough left for two more seasons.


Christie Johnson reported the gates at Big Cliff should be repaired in Feb. and the boat ramp at won’t be available until the gates are finished.  The wire rope attachments broke because the dams are aging.  The generator re-wind should be completed in March.  She explained the temperature control through the dam and the fish passage testing that was done in 2009.  The CORPS, OSMB and NOAA Fisheries (www.nwrfc.noaa.gov) combined to do the testing. Winter boat ramp: there was a problem for the State Park when the end of the winter ramp was exposed and had to be closed. The State Park received several calls from disgruntled patrons who drove to the lake only to find the ramp closed. Christie Johnson NWP from the Corps said the Corps could possibly give a 24hr hour notice before a draw down.



Dani Pavoni presented information on Title II payments to counties and opportunity to submit a project design for three key areas: Detroit Flats, Piety Island, and Santiam Flats. The Project would entail working with the U of O on developing a conceptual plan that includes shoreline stabilization, access and recreation facilities. The project would consider and integrate resources needs and involve the public. The FLRCDL is a 501 C (3) so we could sponsor and/or present the plans for the grant. Any Grant monies received could be dispersed by FLRCDL for the various projects. February 19, 2010 is the deadline for applications.


The Marinas reported that they are working with the DSL; Division of State Lands to do some dredging so they can remain open with lower water operations.


A DLARBA representative said they are applying for 503(c) status and should receive it soon.  A cooperative relationship with DLARBA was discussed but it was decided not to at this time.


Patti Milne stated that Hitesh Parekh 503-588-5212 could be of help with planned projects.  He works for Marion County.


Bill Ferber from the State Water Resource Board talked to us about Primary and Secondary water users and said that some of the down stream flow may not be used in a given year.  It depends on what is planted and the rain fall.


Sue Knapp from the Governors Office Economic Revitalization Team could possibly help streamline or assist in projects.  The team could help facilitate plans through the State.  They could help with the dredging which is very expensive and they could help facilitate the permits.


Patti Milne, Marion Co. Commissioner said that Marion Co. has a Lobbyist team the county works and they might be able to help with projects through the Federal Govt.  They may be able to help with project brainstorming.  The Marina’s work with Marion County, the State and Federal Governments so the can complete their projects.  Patti said she would check with Lobbyist team and see if they would be able to assist with Marina’s and other projects.


Greg Grenbemer gave us a short report on the Marion Forks Fish Hatchery just touching on the operation of the hatchery and the Minto fish collection area and the proposed new facility there. He will try and be back for the 21 April 2010 meeting to continue to talk about the hatchery operations.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40 P.M.

Federal Lakes Recreation Committee Detroit Lake
P.O. Box 538
Detroit, OR. 97342