Economic Study: The study was established to show the effects of a low water year like 2001.

The Economic Impact Study for Detroit Lake and the Upper North Santiam Canyon has been completed and is on out link page Go to our link page then OSU link to see an electronic version.

Channel for Piety Island: To improve the natural channel between the town and the island as a safe pass through

Work started on the Channel project was started by the Oregon Army National Guard in October and should be done by the time the lake fills. The Channel is competed

Do not use when water is low

Shoreline at Detroit Flats:   An ongoing project to provide a day use area as a picnic and fishing area

We now have a swimming and picnic area at the Detroit flats. Still need more rock and the USFS is attempting to line up some trees for the area.

U of O Restoration and Enhancement of shore line: (Santiam Flats, Detroit Flats and Piety Island).  All student designs have been submitted so the project will begin to move forward. There are many steps to be completed in the planning, etc. The links to the project  designs are on out Home page for review.

You may make comments on the individual designs. We are in the earliest stages of the process.

Increasing Draft under the Marinas:  Marinas are working to determine where and how much to remove. They will have meetings with COE and USFS.. Will look at the possibility of tying in with Piety Island project. Hopefully there will be more information by the middle of next month.  Kanes Marina will bring in a surveyor to start the process to see just how much material would need to be moved. 

Winter Sports:   At this time we need someone to work on this project to help bring more people to the area in the winter.

Winter Boat Ramp:  A new ramp and improve the two center ramps at Mongold for water level below 1548 and for winter use. The winter boat ramp is several hundred yards to the west of the Mongold ramp.

The agency partners in the winter boat ramp project are Oregon State Marine Board, Oregon Parks & Recreation Department, and the US Forest Service.

Project update. Dedication was held on Saturday October 16th. The dedication was well attended. We are getting good reports on the use of the ramp . This project will allow operation of the ramps and marinas down to 1450 feet water elevation.

Additional Floating Head: To add a third and possible fourth floating head on the lake, funded by the city of Salem. Unit has been delivered to the US Forest Service and are on the Lake.

Willamette Basin Change in Curve: This is a ongoing project to work with the Army Corps of Engineers and other government agencies to try to extend the season on Detroit Lake.

No change in the curve at this time. For the last few years the Army Corps of Engineers has been able to add a surcharge if 1 to 1 1/2 feet of water to help extend the season.

North Santiam Spawning Habitat Enhancement:  Enhancement of the spawning beds for lower water levels. The project would be done to beds down stream from the dam, and start as small study to see what will work.

Dave White met with the N. Santiam Watershed Council in Nov. 05 and presented our thoughts of trying to improve the spawning beds below the dam. The Watershed Council voted to join us in going ahead with the project.

Project update. The Gravel bed enhancement of using some of the gravel washed into the river from several creeks is on track. The North Santiam Water Shed Council is taking on this project. North Santiam Water council is in charge of this project and is waiting for funding. On hold for now.

Web Site: This project is now completed and being updated.

Non-Profit Status:  The FLRCDL is now officially a 501c3 organization

Detroit Lake Brochure:   The FLRCDL applied for and was approved for a grant from the Oregon State Coast Guard administered from the Oregon State Marine Board "Let's Go Boating" assistance program. We are using the grant money to design a color brochure showing the water hazards in Detroit Lake. We are using aerial images like those found on Google Earth to show the various hazards associated with shallow water, stumps and narrow channels. We will also include descriptions of the amenities offered for each campground and marina. We have created an on-line version using Google Earth and Panormio photo sharing which places the photo on GE, where it was taken. Our goal is to provide information that will encourage safe boating and build confidence in boaters so that they use the lake earlier and later in the season. This brochure will be distributed free at the State Parks and Campgrounds and around town so look for them.

ATV Parking Lot:    The McCoy Creek trail system will be available in the summer, fall and  spring for ATVs and the winter for snowmobiles only when we have snow on the trails, (IF THERE IS SNOW ON THE TRAIS NO ATV ) .The group wants to have the parking lot, trails, etc enhanced. Grant money from Parks and Recreation and State of Oregon was awarded.  They are looking to convert extra roads for ATV and snowmobiles. A letter of support was provided by the FLRCDL to the USFS on this subject. For more information go to : http://atv.prd.state.or.us/fetch_regions.php?usemap=1&regionByMap=inland




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